White and Pink Aesthetics

Aesthetically, appearance of your gum tissue surrounding the teeth is as important as of the teeth itself. No matter how beautiful our teeth or dentures are, insufficient gum aesthetics will give us trouble. We need to make those structures surrounding our teeth as aesthetic as possible.


The most common problems are; swallowing, bruising, shiny and bleeding gums due to gingivitis. This problem can easily be eliminated by a good treatment regime followed by a good daily oral care by the patient. With laser technologies, treatment stage is accelerated and possibility of relapse is decreased. Following mechanical cleanup, bacteria causing gum diseases are eliminated by laser technique.

Gummy smile is the condition that more of the gum is exposed while smiling. While designing the smile, excessive gum tissue is detected and with laser gum is brought to desired size without any pain or bleeding. In no way, this procedure disturbs the patient’s normal daily life. During the procedure, the laser decreases bleeding and shortens the time required for recovery.


Sometimes receding of gums may occur due to gingivitis or aging processes. The biggest issue here is the black gaps formed between teeth. Moreover, teeth may appear longer than normal due to receding gums. In such cases, soft tissue grafting may be applied in order to cover these areas. With new surgery techniques, the success rate of this treatment regime has increased.


Especially in dark-skinned individuals melanin pigmentation discolors the gums pink color. These discolorations are eliminated by a 15-min. laser application.

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