Smile Design

Smile Design

The importance of first impression in human relationships can’t be ignored. An attractive smile improves our self-confidence and leaves a good impact on people around us.

According to studies conducted, we focus on people’s teeth during smiling and speaking. Whereas an unpleasant smile leaves negative feelings on other people, an attractive smile will bring success in communication.

What is an ideal smile?

An ideal smile first of all looks enjoyable to other people as well as to ourselves and is in harmony with our entire face and most importantly must look natural.

What are the factors affecting an ideal smile?

The gender, men and women have different anatomies and this is important in smile design. The men have sharper and more distinct face lines than the women. The smiling line of women is more curved whereas men have straight lines. Edges of teeth in women are round, and smoother then in men. Two front teeth in women are more distinct and longer.

Conventional information about face-shapes is that face-shape and teeth forms should be similar. But with slight changes, satisfactory results can be obtained. Long teeth made for an individual with oval face will give a longer and slim look to the face.

Age, with advanced ages, discoloration, shortening and irregular alignment may occur on our teeth. Receding gums result in gaps between teeth. In order to erase the effects of aging, procedures such as decoloration, prosthesis, replacing missing teeth and correcting misaligned teeth are a necessity.

Lips, with advanced ages, ptosis of our upper lip through lower lip occurs and lower teeth are exposed more than upper teeth. In correspondents with decreasing vertical dimension, lips get closer to each other. Lips are like frames surrounding our teeth. Teeth are redesigned according to our lips, being long, short, thick or thin. Unpleasant appearance is eliminated.

Gums are the most important components surrounding our teeth. No matter how beautiful the smile is, problems in our gums will spoil our look. Swelling, redness and shiny appearance due to gingivitis will affect our overall esthetic. In some cases, gums are exposed more than normal, this is called “gummy smile” and is eliminated by recontouring the gums. Sometimes, gaps are developed between the teeth due to receding gums. In such cases, these problems are handled by prosthetic restorations. Especially dark-skinned individuals have dark pigmentations on their gums and a laser can removes these. In case of excessive gum receding, soft tissue grafting is applied to the gums. With new developments in dentistry, it is possible to solve all esthetical problems easily. The most important point is a correct diagnosis of the problem and achieving maximum esthetic with minimum treatment.

4-5 grades of decoloration of the teeth in 30 minutes are possible. In case bleaching is not enough, using laminate, crown or adhesive techniques solves these problems. Our treatment approach is always to save the natural teeth. Crooked teeth are first treated by orthodontic techniques, if not sufficient, prosthetic solutions are applied. By replacing dark colored dentures with natural colored ones we can eliminate unpleasant looks during smiling. For this purpose, we can use composite dentures in natural teeth color or porcelain dentures.

Deformations are easily treated with slight abrasions, adhesive treatments or laminates. It is possible to achieve attractive smiles with little touching. Especially in advanced ages, abrasions on teeth result in uneven contours. With cosmetic contouring, these problems are eliminated in a short time.


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