Implants are the best elements that can be used as an alternative for natural teeth. Compared to conventional bridge and palatine dentures, they offer more esthetic, functional and phonetic characteristics.

Implant treatments applied by an expert dentist will increase the rate of success. Because correct indication and applying increase the durability of an implant.

Implants have been used in dentistry for many years and became the most popular area of modern dentistry with the developments in materials during the last decade. Implants are alternatives to conventional prosthesis and are offering various treatment options to both fixed and removable prosthesis.

The most important advantages are the ability to replace missing tooth without any need for preparation of neighbor teeth in case of one missing tooth and using removable prosthesis instead of fixed dentures in case of missing more than 1 tooth. Moreover, with implants, the disadvantages of total dentures, or generally known as palatine dentures, will be eliminated.

Of course not all implants replace conventional dentures, at this point it’s important that the dentist can determine the right indication and treatment with his/her knowledge, expertise and experience.

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