Attraction of gum

Attraction Of Gum


Receding gums

One of the most important factors causing tooth loss is receding gum. Receding of gum is the movement of the gum through root tip. This is not only the movement of the gum but also a sign of bone resorption around the root.

What are the causes of receding gums?

Mechanical trauma

Incorrect brushing

Cumulation off plaque and tartar

Uneven biting

Chronic trauma to front teeth by behaviors such as finger nail biting, pencil biting

Bad mouth hygiene



Genetical factors

Miss-use of toothpicks.

Bruxism (compressing teeth)

What are the symptoms of receding gums?

Hypersensitivity of dentine to cold, hot, sweet and sour things

Root decay

Due to gum loss, black spaces and esthetical problems because the teeth appear longer.

Dental pulp problems

Bone loss and loose tooth over time

Treatment of receding gums

Elimination of the cause of receding?

In case of excessive receding, surgical treatment is necessary

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