Alveolitis inflammation of bone

Alveolitis Inflammation of Bone (dry socket)


What is Alveolitis?


Alveolitis is a disorder, which is characterized with pain occurring within 2-3 days following a tooth extraction. The main reason of Alveolitis is that the extraction socket remains empty due to lack of adequate blood build up on the extraction point. Alveolitis is mostly seen after the extraction of wisdom teeth. Dry socket occurs in about 0.5–5% of routine dental extractions.

Smoking after extraction is also one of the most effective causes.

Cleaning of the blood clot on the extraction gap by the patient causes the bone on that region is uncovered.


What is the treatment of Alveolitis?


Treatment is usually symptomatic, (i.e., analgesic medications) and also the removal of debris from the socket by irrigation with saline or local anesthetic. Medicated dressings are also commonly placed in the socket


What to do to prevent Alveolitis?


Alveolitis can be seen even when everything with the patient is normal.

Extraction gap should not be cleaned/carved in with toothpick.

Gargling (with water) after extraction should be avoided.

Smoking should be discontinued at least for a while.

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